Category: ICoEC 2006 Proceedings
Author: Alain Chong Yee Loong, A. S. Rama Sastry
Year: 2006
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There has been an increasing trend for companies to migrate their Supply Chain Management (SCM) online. In Malaysia however, many companies have not or are reluctant to invest in IT to improve their SCM. In order for companies to successfully migrate their SCM online, companies need to solve both technical and business issues that are involved during and after the migration. One example for solving the technical issues is that of the Rosettanet Standards. Rosettanet promised to solve the integration issues of online SCM in particular by allowing companies to communicate in the same e-business standards. However, there are few taker for this and there is a need to study the problems of migrating SCM online.. A framework is needed for Malaysian companies to successfully migrate their SCM online and using the Rosettanet standards. This paper presents an on-going study supported by Infineon Technologies Malacca.

Keywords: Adoption, E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Rosettanet

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