Category: ICoEC 2006 Proceedings
Author: Daniel Su Kuen Seong, Alice Tan Wan Wu
Year: 2006
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Colour management is a vital aspect in interfaces design as it retains an overall balanced and coherent appearance of the interfaces. The appropriate combination use of colours creates diverse effect and enhances the outlook as well as indirectly affects on the user acceptance and satisfaction of interfaces perceived. WWW interface designers often use up plenty of time and effort in mix-matching colours with the intention to obtain the most ultimate combination of the colours used. A poor colour management in WWW interfaces might not be able to convey its information to users efficiently and effectively. As a result, this paper aims to evaluate and resolve the appropriateness and inappropriateness use of colour in interface design, and proposed an intelligent colour agent to automate the process of considering and minimising the selection of the appropriateness use of colours. It has been safely concluded that the intelligent colour agent is capable of performing its tasks positively in analysing and consulting the suitable colours to be used and intensify the information transformation to and from the users. The visibility of interfaces has been examined to promote the contrast display between the users and machines.

Keywords: Intelligent colour agent, interface design, WWW.

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