Category: ICoEC 2006 Proceedings
Author: Tay Eng Siang, Goh Choon Yih
Year: 2006
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The Digital Signature Act 1997 (Act 562) (hereinafter called “the Act”) came into force since 1 October 1998 to regulate the use of digital signature and to provide for matters connected therewith in Malaysia. Among those issues concern on digital documents transmitted over any electronic networks are interception, tampering, deception, non-repudiation and authenticity. To what extent the digital signature has overcome or solved these concerns from legal and technical aspects? This paper intends to look into selected legal issues on digital signature and the technical aspects of digital signature mechanism in Malaysia. Suggestions and recommendations will also be made to improve the effectiveness of the present recognised digital signature system in protecting and solving the above issues.

Keywords: Digital signature – legal & security issues – asymmetric cryptosystems –certification authority

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