A content analysis study was conducted to determine the status of government websites of Malaysia, focusing on federal websites – using presence, content, service delivery and public response attributes. The results were matched with the General Circular No. 1/2000, Guidelines on Malaysia Civil Service Link (MCSL) and Government Web Sites that was introduced in 2000 by MAMPU. The study identified 28 federal government web sites that linked to MyGoverrment Portal. The website content revealed that the basic features were added, except for more interactive features such as email and multimedia. Public outreach need to be improved because only 50% web sites offer dual languages and almost half of the site do not disclosed the last updated date. None of the web sites provide the chat room facility, which allows the government and citizens to interact online, and make government closer to the citizens. E-government officials need to work to improve citizen respond because 73.6% of the government agency site does not respond to citizens email request. One of the practical implications of this study is the attributes can serve as indicators for individual governments to strive towards better web service delivery.

Keywords: Government Website, E-Government, Online Service

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