Category: ICoEC 2005 Proceedings
Author: M. Ravichandran
Year: 2005
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Technology today no longer passive and end oriented. It is considered as ‘alive’ as the people it serves. In the field of education the influence of technology can visibly be noticed by means of emerging e-learning technology. The elearning technology can provide better scope to the learners to listen, to converse, to think and to act and thus e-learning technologies have great potential to create a better learning environment particularly to rural masses in India. Though there is digital divide between urban and rural Indian people, emerging technologies such as natural language interface, and broadband internet will enable several innovative applications in e-learning and enable parallel learning by helping to break the cycle of literacy followed by computer literacy among urban and rural people in India. Further, linear expansion of distance education can also be better supplemented by systematic elearning management in India. The current paper critically analyses the initiatives taken by Governments, and also private sector initiatives to implement, sustain and manage the e-learning environment in India.

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