A web site is an additional communication channel between a company, its existing customers, and possibly new customers. It gives company greater market reach and is like having a 24-hour telephone line combined with a company sales brochure that can be updated quickly. Ecommerce is definitely international in nature and provides customers with access to important global markets such as the US, Europe and Asian countries. However, how many Malaysian companies have embraced this channel as one of their marketing strategy? Based on a study conducted on 618 companies listed in the Malaysia Bourse Main Board only 252 companies have web site. This clearly indicates that E-commerce is still “alien” to Malaysian corporation. The paper articulates a number of issues and challenges, and advantages, to promote greater diffusion of ecommerce technologies among Malaysian companies. The need to prepare themselves is a “must” because the volume of Internet-based-e-commerce had reached $150 billion in 2000 and more than $1 trillion in 2010.

Keyword: E-commerce, Internet, Strategy, Marketing, Strategic Management

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