Category: ICoEC 2015 Proceedings
Author: Shee-Mun Yong, Lip-Sam Thi
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Job satisfaction of Malaysian virtual teams supporting e-commerce and shared service support are constantly challenged from working long irregular hours fulfilling global supply chain management in a temporal dispersed virtual organization. The work time demand is felt even more as the temporal dispersion variance between parties in communication widens. This research was initiated to understand how satisfied employees are working under such conditions and whether having good management policies such as flexible work arrangement reduce the impact and restore job satisfaction. Findings from the quantitative survey of 301 ITO and BPO respondents located in the MSC flagship town of Cyberjaya reveal that Malaysian virtual teams are generally satisfied with their work condition. Whilst work time demand remains a temporal dispersion challenge, flexible work arrangement has no interaction effect to improving relation of work time demand and job satisfaction. It nevertheless is a predictor of job satisfaction.

Keywords: Job satisfaction, Work Time Demand, Flexible Work Arrangement, Temporal Dispersion.

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