E-learning is continually evolved in the adaptation of emerging technologies and pedagogies, so does the development of learning objects. Object-based learning approach has been widely adopted in e-learning. The principle concern in the conventional e-learning models is the inflexibility of the e-learning content to assist the use and management of the learning sources which are highly distributed. Rigidity of e-learning content limits its reusability and shareability. Possessing the ability to deliver strong computing power and secure data storage as services, Cloud computing is a promising computing model to promote innovative changes and add notable values to e-learning landscape. The flexibility and on-demand access to a centralized shared pool of computing resources provided by Cloud computing enables high reusability and shareability, hence overcomes the principle concern in e-learning due to the rigidity of e-learning content. This paper describes the design of an object-based e-learning framework embracing Cloud computing. The proposed object-based e-learning framework can be used to form a new education domain that shares the Cloud characteristics of elasticity, flexibility, efficiency and reliability. Principal to the framework design is the development of Cloud-based e-learning objects where learners have the flexibility to access, personalize and deploy them in e-learning environment. Cloud-based e-learning objects are highly adaptable, reusable and easy changeable, hence allowing them to be used dynamically with greater customizability and flexibility in e-learning. Adapting Cloud computing into object-based e-learning is believed to be able to create a breakthrough in future dynamic e-learning development.

Keywords: object-based learning, Cloud-based learning objects, e-learning, Cloud computing, flexibility

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