Electronic-banking is one of the advanced technologies in banking services that give many benefits to the customer. Indeed, it has major potential for future development as allows customers to do most of their banking transactions Internet. Participating of customer in these e-banking services could be influenced by their level and knowledge about this e-banking. Also, there are some factors that could influence the customer to use or not to use these e-banking services which are level of knowledge and understanding about the e-banking services, securities of the e-banking services and advantages and disadvantages of e-banking services. Hence, the banks should study the profile of their customer and their interest in utilizing e-banking, in order to increase the customers participation utilizing e-banking. It was intended to attain the following objectives, including examined the relationship between customer demographic and their perception towards e-banking services, the reason customer used e-banking services and the reasons why customer are not using the e-banking services. This study utilise primary data and collected through the questionnaire. 234 questionnaires were distributed and 100 was utilize. The finding of the study indicated that majority of staffs UiTM have an experience in using the e-banking services but all of the staffs have at least heard about e-banking services. This study also shows that demographic factors do not have any influence on the perception towards e-banking.

Keywords: e-banking, inter account transfer, online bill payment.

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