Social media are communication platforms that enable user-interactions, connecting people from all around the world. Nowadays, many companies worldwide are using social media as a cheaper and alternative tool to market their products or services. In Malaysia, many companies are starting to use social media to promote their businesses. The present study aims to determine and analyse the type of companies using social media as a promoting tool to market their product and the reasons to their decisions. The research is based on datasets collected from respondents working in different companies. The findings from this research show that 64% of the local companies from various sectors that responded do actually use social media as a marketing channel whilst the other 36% do not use social media. The findings show that overall companies which use social media find that the benefits of using social media include speed of information and easy access to customers. Whilst companies which do not use social media are worried about the possible leak of information of their companies. In conclusion, the present data shows that there are still many companies in Malaysia which are not using social media as a marketing channel despite knowing the benefits.

Keywords: Social Media, Marketing Channel, Facebook, Social Media Networks

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