E-payment system is increasingly becoming a daring means of payments in today’s business world. This is due to its efficiency, convenience and timeliness. It is a payment system that is continuously being embraced and adopted in the financial system of both developed and developing countries with a view to simplify and ease payments in business transactions. As a result, many studies were conducted around the globe by scholars on e-payment adoption. It is based on this that this research paper looks at the available past literature on e-payment adoption across the world, with a view to highlight the scope, methodology and Information System (IS) models used by previous researchers so as to identify research gaps and recommend such for future studies. The study employed an extensive literature search on e-payment adoption with the aid of Google Scholar for those recent studies between the years 2010-2015. To facilitate the understanding of the issue under study, previous studies were analysed based on scope-geographical location of the study, theories/models adopted and methodology used. Finally, the paper has identified the patterns of previous researches with regards to these three items and further highlights and recommends key areas in which future research should delve on.

Keywords: E-Payment, E-Commerce, Cashless Economy

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