ICoEC 2017 Proceedings

icoec2017 cover pageProceedings of the International Conference on E-Commerce (ICoEC) 2017
ISBN: 978-967-0910-44-4
eiSBN: 978-967-0910-47-5
Edited by Aidi Ahmi, Akilah Abdullah, Norhaiza Khairudin
Published by Institute for Strategic and Sustainable Accounting Development (ISSAD), School of Accountancy, Universiti Utara Malaysia, UUM Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia

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Abstract: Mobile technologies have penetrated the fabric of the urban society in an unprecedented rate, making its presence eminent in individual’s daily lives, at a personal and professional level. The transformation it has brought is limitless, from businesses to entertainment and most importantly to conn...
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Abstract: Smart home in Malaysia is still new. The installation of smart home gadgets and facilities is on the choice of the home proprietors themselves. There is no specific law and rules which governs the smart home project. The question arise is to what extend the law and policy in Malaysia can accommodate...
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Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to develop the conceptual model for dimensions of perceived risk on online store image towards purchase intention in online shopping activities among Generation X and Y at Malaysia. This is due to consumers in Malaysia has less intention to shop online due to influencing...
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Abstract: In facing the globalization, taxation system has now been computerised with the help of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT). For that reason, governments in many countries have invested a huge sum of money in developing a tax system to be used by its citizens such as a tax e-filing syste...
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