Category: ICoEC 2017 Proceedings
Author: Fariza Hanim Rusly
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Knowledge represents a critical source of organizations survival and competitiveness. From a process perspective, knowledge management refers to a structured process for effective acquisition, creation, application and dissemination of knowledge. The aim is to enhance organization’s competitiveness and sustainability. Recent development on big data has potential to revolutionize the way data and knowledge are managed. Big data comprises of advanced technologies and architectures with enormous dataset with 5Vs varieties, velocity, voluminous, valuable and veracity of data for decision making. Big data and KM intersects on their objectives of creating and using knowledge for informed decision that benefits the organizations. Advancement of technology is however less beneficial if there is limited understanding of effective ways to identify, extract and utilize relevant and useful data to use for decision making. Therefore, the challenge is to understand how big data values can be realized through KM processes. Despite the potential impacts of big data on organizations’ KM processes, scarce of study have look into integration of KM perspective into big data research. This paper proposes conceptual understanding of knowledge management to leverage big data potentials. Theoretical and practical implications of KM and big data integration, and suggestions for future research in the area are also provided.

Keywords: Big data, knowledge management, decision making

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