Augmented Reality Experiential Marketing (AREM) is one of the essential tool for businesses to sustain their customer using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Recently, many companies include AR technology to their advertising and marketing strategy to make it more enjoyable and interactive to their customer. Despite the increasing adoption of AR technology and has been around for the past six years, research in AREM is still limited. In this paper, a conceptual model of AREM to improve customer satisfaction is presented. The proposed model comprises of three main components: AR experience, attitude and customer satisfaction. Convenience and enjoyment which make up the AR experience components could lead to positive attitude and customer satisfaction as it may provide the best experience to the customer. Our proposed conceptual model emphasizes the concept of customer’s attitude resulting from AR experience which may lead to customer satisfaction. The customer attitude is described based on their cognitive response, affective response and behavioural response. The model forms the basis as guideline to businesses towards increasing customer satisfaction through AR technology based experiential marketing

Keywords: AR, Experiential Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Emotion, AR Experiential Marketing

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