Mobile technologies have penetrated the fabric of the urban society in an unprecedented rate, making its presence eminent in individual’s daily lives, at a personal and professional level. The transformation it has brought is limitless, from businesses to entertainment and most importantly to connecting a network of users, transcending time and space. Capitalizing on the capabilities that it offers, it is widely used as a tool in the tourism industries to provide an array of services to travellers and in the course of doing so, it has re-engineered the value chain in the tourism industry. This paper draws upon the ability of a traveller’s application called “FEAST” aims at providing useful information for self-guided tourists. This paper delves specifically into the usability study of the application evaluating on the functionalities of the system, user’s behaviour and the cognitive load using the existing heuristic evaluation method. From the study, “FEAST” can provide a new insight of tourist spots to tourism and it is useful to the public.

Keywords: User experience study, mobile application, usability study

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