The International Conference on E-Commerce (ICoEC) 2017 is an extension of similar conferences that were successfully organised in 2005, 2006 and 2015. Those conferences were held in Selangor, Penang, and Sarawak respectively.

The rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) has a significant impact on growth and expansion of business today. This development has led to the advancement of a dynamic business industry, known as E-Commerce.

E-commerce includes trade and business activities that are carried out through a variety of technology-based applications and network systems. These technology-based business activities are implemented regardless of timeline, geographical location and transactions capacity. The progressive growth of E-Commerce is supported by the development of various applications including document automation technology, electronic payments, online purchases and banking, online communications and conferencing, content management, wireless networking and social media.

The continuing expansion in this industry has led to a variety of issues that need to be explored and understood for the development and management of a more holistic and sustainable industry. Important issues that are critical for promoting sustainable developments in E-Commerce industry include digital technology applications, frameworks, development and governance of e-business, education, technology approaches and methods, and impact of technology on businesses and management activities among parties involved in E-commerce.

In conjunction with that, the conference could serve as a platform for academics, practitioners, researchers and professionals to share their knowledge of the issues, opportunities and challenges that need to be studied and addressed towards achieving a sustainable E-Commerce industry. Sharing of ideas through "key notes", talks and presentation of research papers are expected to provide input and enlightenment to support the development of E-Commerce up to the global level. The conference is expected to attract the participation of academics, researchers, and professional practitioners of E-Commerce in Malaysia and abroad. Knowledge sharing among academics and professionals could provide opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical approaches, and build understanding on diverse aspects of E-Commerce development and management at both national and international levels.


The conference is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide opportunities for local and international academics and researchers to review and present recent research findings in numerous E-Commerce related areas.
  • To establish collaborative relationships among local and international researchers in E-Commerce field. Potential cooperation could be in the form of academic studies and business/corporate relationships.
  • To provide a platform for professional practitioners and academics to share and exchange knowledge and experience in E-Commerce areas that could contribute towards a sustainable industry.
  • To nurture knowledge and ideas on developments, issues and challenges of current E-Commerce advancements and future prospects of the industry among practitioners and researchers in related fields.
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