Can I change the name of the author or paper title after I submit the paper? Can I change the title and author's name in the draft conference program?

You can make any changes at least 2 weeks before the conference date and send it to us. After this deadline, no change of any kind is allowed.

My university needs more time to approve my application. What should I do?

You need to let us know approximate time of approval. We treat the issue case by case.

I have published full paper and can I change to abstract only in the proceedings?

Yes, you can. But you must inform us early. 

If I have 2 papers accepted for the conference, and I will present the papers, can I get discount for my second paper?

An author can present up to two papers subject to payment of MYR800 (USD200) for the additional same paper which must be presented by the same author.

Can I publish in ICoEC proceedings without coming to the conference?

If your paper is accepted, you can publish your paper without coming to the conference but you need to pay the full fees.

Will I receive written feedback about my full paper ?

Yes, every author will receive a feedback which can be obtained from the Conference Management System that we use after the notification of acceptance has been issued. 

Can I publish my paper in other journal after it is included in the conference proceedings?

Yes. You can publish your paper anywhere even if your paper is included in the proceedings. We suggest you to publish only abstract in the proceedings in such cases.

Can I be sponsored or get special discount?

We have no fund to sponsor anybody. There are discounts available for students, early registration. Please refer to fee schedule.

When will I get draft conference program?

We will update our website at least 1 week before the commencement of the conference.

I have no Credit card. Can I Pay cash on arrival?

No you can't. However, if you are countries where there is foreign currency restrictions, you can pay cash on arrival. But you need to send us a scanned copy of your Visa, confirmed air-ticket and a scanned letter from the funding body or your department stating that registration will be paid on arrival without any fail and we need these documents at least 2 weeks before the conference date. After this deadline, nobody will be included in the program.

Can I deduct money transfer fee from the registration fee?

No. You must pay any money transfer fee by yourself and no amount can be deducted from the registration fee.

Do your proceedings have ISBN?

Yes. Our proceedings have ISBN.

Do you provide hard copy proceedings?

Yes. But we will only print out the proceedings after the conference and it need to be ordered seperately.

I want to book hotel through you and can you help me? Do you have any special room rate for the hotel where your conference is held?

We have no dealing with any hotel. You need to book your room by yourself. We also do not have any special rates with the hotel where the conference will be held.

Can you sponsor me to visit Kuala Lumpur? Can you provide me financial assistance?

We do not provide any assistance for visa or sponsorship.

My co-author is attending the conference? How much he needs to pay? Can I pay for him as guest?.

Co-author has to pay at similar rate as main author. There is no special rate for guest.

Can I register for a day only?

We do not allow day registration. You need to pay full registration fee but you can stay a day.

Can I bring my guest or children ?

Yes, you can bring them but you need to send us their names 2 weeks before the conference date for name tag and meal coupons and you need to pay similar rate as participant.

Will my paper be published in the refereed proceedings with ISBN ?

Yes , your paper will be published in the proceedings with ISBN after it has been accepted. Please do let us know if you don't want it to be published. You can just attend for presentation only.

Will I get the certificate for the presentation?

Yes. Certificate will be given to the presenter AFTER he/she present the paper. 

If I present more than 1 paper, do I get certificate for each of the presentation?

You will only get ONE certificate as a presenter. 

If I have a co-presenter, does the co-presenter get a certificate too?

As long as you come to the conference and present the paper, we will provide you with the certificate.

I cannot come to the conference, however other presenter (who are not the author of the paper) present the paper on my behalf. So, can I get a presenter certificate?

No you can't. We will only issue the presenter certificate to those who present.

I have sent you Registration form but no payment. I promised that I will pay you on arrival. But I have not attended your conference despite my promise. What penalty I will have to pay ?

By submitting a paper to ICoEC, virtually you already have a committment to attend the conference and pay the conference fee. By right, if your paper has been accepted, you must pay regardless of your presence or absence in the conference since we have paid for your food, conference materials and printed documents, apart from editing and uploading your paper to the conference proceedings. All these cost money and you cannot compel us to bear such loss. If you fail to pay, the matter will be raised to your department and university to send us payment. Moreover, your paper will be deleted from the conference proceedings and you will not be allowed to join any of our conferences and none of your paper will be published in our proceedings. We strongly recommend you not to make any commitment of submitting a paper if you cannot come and cannot make payment.

I have submitted a paper and abstract but I am not sure whether I will get funding or I am not sure whether I will be able to attend your conference . Can I ask you to accept it for another conference organized by you ? What is your suggestion ?

If you are not able to join the conference after your paper is accepted, you can let us know immediately or you can ask us to consider it for our next conference. If you are certain that you will not be able to come, please do not waste our and your time by sending paper or abstract. Our experience is that many authors send their papers or abstract to us just to test the acceptability of their papers or abstract. In fact, they do not intend to come to the conference ( as if it is fun !) even if their papers are accepted. We request all such authors to discontinue such time-wasting practice which will be a tremendous help to us and to all conference organisers. We would appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

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